Who Are You: School 2015 have been over almost a year, but I can't move on from that drama. But, not only can't move on from that d...

I'm Not Taebi Shipper, But I'm SungHyun Shipper

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Who Are You: School 2015 have been over almost a year, but I can't move on from that drama. But, not only can't move on from that drama, but also can't move on from Tae Kwang and Eun Bi.

Every I watch a drama then I feel that the drama is amazing, I can't move on. I will always remember all my favorite scene and quotes. But, I'm not really be hard shipper for main couple of the drama. Example, Dr. Stranger and Pinnochio. I really love those dramas. I remember all my favorite scene. But, I'm not become shipper of Lee Jong Suk-Jin Se Yeon or Lee Jong Suk-Park Shin Hye. Also with other drama, include High School Love On. Although I claimed that I am hard fan of Kim Sae Ron, but I'm not become shipper of Woo Hyun - Sae Ron.

But Who Are You: School 2015 is different. Because that drama I become a shipper. A shipper of Tae Kwang and Eun Bi. And now I realize, that I'm not Taebi shipper anymore, but Sung Jae and So Hyun Shipper.

I'm a hard crazy  Sunghyun shipper. Why? I don't know why. I just  happy when I watch video on youtube about BTOB and So Hyun project for Elite Uniform. Also project between Sung Jae (yes, only Sung Jae not BTOB) and So Hyun with Hazzy Accessories (and  this one is something that make me very happy).  And when I looked BTS of Who Are You School 2015, I feel that Sung Jae and So Hyun get awesome chemistry not only in drama, but in reality. I'm happier, when I know that Sung Jae and So Hyun won KBS Drama Award as best couple. It's mean that Gong Tae Kwang and Lee Eun Bi has strong chemistry, and I feel like the strong chemistry is also in real life.

When I know that So Hyun has project with D.O EXO, I feel like I'm jealous. It not because I'm fan of D.O. It because D.O and So Hyun have very awesome sweet scene in movie called Pure Love (Unforgettable 2016). Also when I watched We Got Married, I feel jealous when I look how Joy Red Velvel and Sung Jae has good chemsitry.

But I don't wanna be hatter. I just jealous without hate anyone. I'm not hate D.O EXO. I'm not hate Joy Red Velvet. And I'm not hate Minhyuk BTOB include Ji Soo. I just jealous and dissapointed. I'm not hatter.

This years, So Hyun has 2 new drama. First, web drama called Nightmare High (Teacher). In the drama, she and Minhyuk is couple. I don't get chemistry between them, although I think the way Minhyuk acting as good as Sung Jae. But, I feel there are no chemistry between Minhyuk and So Hyun (maybe it's because the main story of that drama is thriller, not about young love). So, I'm not really jealous.

Second drama is mini drama, only has 3 episode. The title is Page Turner. That aired in KBS every Saturday at 10:30 PM Korean time. This drama is very-very cool and so sweet. I can feel strong chemsitry between So Hyun and Ji Soo. Jealous? Yes, I'm jealous. But, I'm not sure if I'm jealous. Why? It's because Ji Soo character same with Sung Jae in who are u: crazy, dumber and funny. Also So Hyun character is mixed between Eun Bi and Eun Byul: sometimes she is so cruel and dangerous, sometimes she is weak. I love them in Page Turner.

Before I watched Page Turner. I think that tehre no couple as good as Sung Jae and So Hyun. D.O-So Hyun, is good, but I still love SungHyun. Minhyuk-So Hyun? Oh, forget about it, there no strong chemistry between them. Ji Soo-So Hyun? Shit! They are so good! They are making me crazy and melting.

But one thing that I realize, although Ji Soo and So Hyun have strong chemistry and make me cry: I'm not shipping them. Sung Jae and So Hyun is the best couple. SungHyun is the first couple in my heart. There should (must) be new drama with Sung Jae and So Hyun as main couple. And I hope the drama has 20 episode, not only 16 even only 3 episodes.

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