Note: My English is not really good. I wrote this article besides because I share my story for you all is I want to check my grammar and m...

I Love GFRIEND and Proud being Buddy

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Note: My English is not really good. I wrote this article besides because I share my story for you all is I want to check my grammar and make it better :p

Hi guys, for the opening of this article. I will tell you that ain't K-Popers. Sure, I really like Korean drama because I'm movie enthusiast. I really like to watch movie, drama and anime. I also music enthusiast, especially instrumental. When I watched a movie/drama/anime there will always a song from the movie/drama that I love, at least one or two (all this time will be more than one song). So, I have many Korean song on my computer and smartphone, but that's not because I'm a K-poper, because I love the song, not because it from Korea.

All this time I never become a fan of any girl or boygroup. But, if there a song from any girl or boygroup that I felt its good, I will love their song, not the group.

Because I really like to watch Korean drama, so I love Kim Sae-Ron, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun very much, especially Kim Sae Ron. I always waiting for and looking for her news, her videos, and her newest drama or movie.

One day, I watched Sae Ron's video on youtube when she become MC of MBC Music Core. In that video, for open the shows Sae Ron and Kim Min Jae (her MC partner) sing a song entitled Me Gus Tas Tu. It's first time I heard the song. I never heard it before and I don't know the original singer of the song. When the music is played, immidiately I enjoyed it. I feel that the song is good. But I was not download the song. I don't know why, maybe sure I enjoyed the song but I'm not really love the song. My habit, if there good song I will enjoys it, but enjoy a song is not always love the song. So, if I didn't love a song very much, I won't download it.

I have some k-popers friend in my class. It's not many. But actually some of my k-popers classmate is also my bestfriend. I often heard they sing a Korean song (surely it's not a single from a singer, but a song from boy/girlgroup). One day, my best friend who is k-popers sing Me Gus Tas Tu. Then next day he showed me  and my other best friend GFRIEND's Me Gus Tas Tu Accident Video. Both of them singing the song when watched the video. Because they sang the song and I remember that Me Gus Tas Tu is the song that sungs by Sae Ron, so I also sung the song (No, I was not song, I just said "nananananana" coz didn't know the lyrics, lol :p)

After that, I looking for Me Gus Tas Tu MV on youtube. I watced it. Well, I love the song. But, I felt nothing with the MV, not because the concept, but I felt nothing to GFRIEND. So I download the song, not the MV.

Months later, I didn't have any activites. I was so bored. I searched Sae Ron videos but I got old videos. In the related videos Me Gus Tas Tu MV is appear. So I watched the video again. After that, with no desire, I was typing "GFRIEND" in youtube's search bar. I found other MV that is Glass Bead. I watched. I enjoyed the song, but not love it yet. I watched next video, that is Rough MV. When firts time the video was playing, I think it's enough good because the concept. Then the music is played too. I enjoyed the song. I watched Rough MV until end. Finally, what I happened? This song is awesome! I like it! I download it! I also like the MV. The concept is good, I thought. After download the MV I watched it again and again. And my mouth was open when I look GFRIEND members and I thought they are so beautiful.

First people that stole my focus is SinB. She's beautiful, but I don't really like her, because she looks so arrogant and cruel in the Rough MV. After that I focus at Eunha, she beautiful too and cute (because her chubby cheeks). Then I focus at Yerin, she is so pretty and look so feminine in the MV. After that Yuju stole my attention, because I think from 6 members, Yuju's voice is the best voice. (I don't try to compare, it's because I like typical voice like Yuju's voice, I know every member have good voice). For the last time Umji got my attention because her voice is sexy like my bestfriend :3.

Well, after that I know that I love Yerin, Eunha and SinB (but I didn't really like SinB yet). I think I was not like GFRIEND. I just like some members.

When they are comeback with Navillera. Absolutely I download the MV. I love the song also the MV. Likes my habits, after download the MV I watched it again and again. First time, I just like the concept. But for a thousand  times I watced the MV, suddenly I focus on Eunha and Yerin. I felt something weird. It's like Yerin and Eunha is dating in the Navillera MV.

Because I really courious, so I searced on google with keyword "Yerin & Eunha Navillera". And.....tadaaaa, I got some article that said if they are dating. I also watched their interview video ebout Navillera. And the article it's not hoax, they are really dating in the MV.


You know guys? I reall love Yerin and Eunha. After know the fact I don't know why I was so happy. And I ship them, lol. I hard worked to find EunRin photos. And give love for every EunRin photos in instagram. But, honestly, I got more SinB and Yerin photos than EunRin. It's enough made me jealous (lol, I was so childish)

Then, I looking for GFRIEND videos on youtube and I found GFRIEND x MAMAMOO ShowTime. I download episode 1-5 (for the firts time I found the videos, I just found 5 episodes). When I only watced first episode, I immediately exited. So I watched it until episode 5.

GFRIEND x MAMAMOO ShowTime made me shocked. Because I got some fact that I never know about them. The show showed to me about their real personality and that's made me love GFRIEND. Not just Yerin and Eunha, but all of them include SinB, the girl who I don't like before.

From ShowTime, I know that SinB as insane as I am. Her attitude and her deep laugh that such as cruel queen is so me. SinB is so stupid, morron, crazy, insane and success made me laugh. I feel sorry because I hated her before.

A also know that Sowon who didn't have any expression can be crazy too like SinB. I love when SinB and Sowon "fight" and "war" just such as Tom and Jerry, they are so funny. I love how he treat other members, like a mother treat their child. She's not just a leader, she is a mom.

I think Yuju is also like a mom for other member. I love when Yuju going with Eunha and Yerin. Although Yerin is older than Yuju, her attitude is so cute and childish. Saw Yuju between Euna and Yerin is like see a good mother with her twins daughter.

And about Umji, she look so obidient with other members. Exactly, she is maknae. And the maknae like to doing make up like her unnies.

Huaaaahhh! I have to say that this is firts time for me to be a fangirl. First time for me falling in love with Korean girlgroup. I really like GFRIEND! I love all of them not because their beautiful, cute and pretty face but also their attitude and pesonality. Thank you for MBC ShowTime that made me not just love Yerin and Eunha but all member include the most cruel and morron girl: SinB (huehehehe :v)

For closing this article, I think I still not become k-popers. Because I don't know other girl/boygroup. I'm not falling in love with other girl/boygroup. I just love GFRIEND. Can I called k-popers when I just really love one girlgroup and do not understand anything about other group?

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